01. University City Hall

Light Inspirations for the Future

Once again this year, University City Hall is one of the spotlights of the festival. An emblem of Sharjah’s identity and legacy, essential to the urban landscape. The facade will be overlaid with a wide scale projection, in a sophisticated graphic and motion design. This stunning building will be the star of the 3D video-mapping show.

Spectators are invited to consider the spectacular development of Sharjah: growth, social progress and a unique evolution. The sun rises to reveal breathtaking landscapes and an adventure unfolds.

The interplay between colors, light and dark playing on the building invites you to discover the richness of the architectural details.


The history of the French company Spectaculaires began over 25 years ago, when founder Benoît Quero started working as a scenographer. His sceneries called for best-in-class lighting so, little by little, a project-based production team was set up within Spectaculaires that provided show and event services. Since then, the company has offered original projection mapping scenarios onto the façades of city buildings worldwide.