01. University City Hall

Time Travel

A unique and unprecedented 3D stereoscopic show that takes the audience on a journey of imagination through an infinite universe.

This stunning typography, merges with the metropolis itself. Intricate street maps transform into geometric Arab patterns. Time, science and the universe are expanded and linked to form unbelievable patterns.


The Portuguese atelier OCUBO was founded by new media artists Nuno Maya & Carole Purnelle to develop high quality visual and interactive cultural projects. Their work has been presented in several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other monuments and locations in Portugal and abroad. They have an extended experience with heritage projects, working with historians and dedicating great attention to the research of historical details.

Sharing Light with the people, empowering them to create with light, giving them the opportunity to appropriate their own urban space for themselves are the mottos in each of OCUBO’s creations.