12. Sharjah University – Khorfakkan

Syed Atiq ur Rehman

Here, the artist invites you to contemplate the University by creating a wave of light enriched by shimmering tones. The university as an emblem of higher knowledge and learning, the lights as respect for beauty and the combination of both as a tribute to the ingenuity of the artist. The surface of the University of Khorfakkan is deconstructed and re-constructed through video mapping lights applying dynamic patterns and shapes to the façade.

Syed Atiq ur Rehman

Pakistani artist, Syed Atiq ur Rehman defines his work in between culture and design, invention and knowledge. As a graphic artist, he creates cultural shows from small to a monumental scale. His challenge is to try and create a story which incorporates a multitude of details as well as visual effects and animation. For 5 years, he has participated in the Sharjah Light Festival and comes again this year with a special and unique show for the east coast.