13. Sharjah University – Kalba

Mohammed Fouad Jader

An impressive panoramic video-mapping show will transform the façade of the University of Kalba. The purpose of this show is to give the spectators a chance to re-appropriate and rediscover a monument that is part of their daily lives. The artist wants to remind us of the building’s history and symbolism and then resettle it in a modern landscape.

The University’s astonishing array of architectural details are highlighted with a formidable level of precision enabling the rock-solid monument to become an infinite palette of colors and Islamic patterns. The lights pay tribute to this place dedicated to the light of knowledge.

Mohammed Fouad Jader

Fouad Jader is a talented multidisciplinary Moroccan designer and plastic artist. An expressionist painter and decorator in 3D architecture, he multiplies artistic expressions to express his talent and to take advantage of his 12 years of professional background in the international design industry.