07. Palm Garden Light

Creative Lights

In a space filled with extraordinary greenery, tunnels of light have grown between the palm trees. The installation transforms the palm area into a hybrid environment where virtual and natural worlds coincide.

As you enter, you are walking into a space occupied by both real and virtual components, and you can affect both. Serenely moving orbs of light inhabit the space, suspended in midair. This myriad of flying lights seems to be attracted by your presence. Walking along a straight or a twisting line, staying still or lying on the grass, you can only let yourself be carried away by this mesmerising show.

Nature takes an equal role in this show, the palm trees, swaying and whispering, are the main characters among an installation of thousands of lights. The artists’ collective offers a large, immersive, interactive artwork.

Creative Lights

Creative Lights is composed of light artists, lighting designers and engineers, who have been active in the field of light art since the 1990s. They have created the lighting designs for over a hundred theatres, dance and opera productions, and their light, environmental and space installations have been exhibited throughout the world.