11. Masjid Ammar Bin Yasser – Al Dhaid

04515 (Digital Oasis)
Simon Lazarus

This show is a digital expression of the idea of an oasis, a place of gathering and flowering. Shapes and colours cross paths, creating a never ending stream of new forms as a visual metaphor of Sharjah and UAE multiculturalism. The animated patterns, caused by shadows under ‘mashrebeeyah’ (traditional bay windows covered with lattice work) invite the viewer to reflect on the messages of the patterns.

The digital ballet, projected on traditional stone sends a statement about the dialogue between contemporary art, historical culture and new technology, legacy and visions of the future in Sharjah.

Simon Lazarus

Simon Lazarus doesn’t limit himself to one medium, style or concept but keeps up a constant exchange of inspiration, ideas and knowledge. His graphic design activity, his interest in the fruitful world of fables and his thirst for new visual stimulation is underlined by his graffiti practice. He gives birth to digital prints and immersive installations and invites us to take part in electronic crossings, navigating a collision between hostile reality and virtual dream.