05. Masjid Al Noor

Living Structures
Cindy Lo

The starting point of the artist’s reflection was the question ‘how are things built?
In building construction, even in the imaginary world of ideas, we need structures, foundations and materials. Sometimes, we need to accept failure before arriving at something perfect. ‘Dynamic Structures’ is a succession of elementary forms that merge to become a complex structure.

Moving from the past to the future is a long journey, during which buildings are created progressively, recalculating and re-forming. It depends on viewpoints that change, ideas fused with other perspectives. Design is all about the capacity to go beyond our comfort zones.

A monumental poetic and colorful program is created on the mosque. The artist working as a light master highlighting each opening, cornice and minaret with exquisite beauty and 360° variations of primary colours. Out of the ordinary, with a unique mix of imagination, poetry and high-end technology, the artist has reflected this journey as a colourful and exciting experience.

Cindy Lo

Cindy Lo is a multidisciplinary Cambodian artist fascinated by the connections between ancestral cosmogony and contemporary cosmology between microorganisms and cosmic systems, biological and astronomical phenomena, her drawings evoke real and dreamed connections between the infinitely small and the infinitely big and materialize these systems invisible to the naked eye and yet present in the collective imagination.