10. Masjid al Muhajerin – Dibba

Atelier Genkidama

The show explores the idea of balance and struggle between day and night. Using minimal geometric patterns as a tribute both to Islamic iconography and kinetic art, this optical show explores the endless visual possibilities that can be created using the simple forms, 1 and 0, and simple colours, black and white.

The title refers both to internet vocabulary and to the Qu’ran soura (verse) 2:187, defining the time of dawn as the time where you cannot distinguish a white thread from a black thread.

The idea is to show how seeing things from different perspectives can change our perception.



Atelier Genkidama

Atelier Genkidama (pronounced « gain-kid-ama ») is a visual gastronomy workshop, thinking about its work as ‘a massage for the eyes’. They look at creative work and graphic design as two fields that can enrich each other. Cruising between communication fields and the art world, they mix references, techniques, and features in order to cook elaborate and flavourful meals for the eyes and minds. Bienvenue, they wish you a good appetite.