06. Khalid Lagoon Lights

Catch the Lights
Nicolas Gautier

Catch the lights’ concentrates around Khalid Lagoon encouraging people to meander from one location to another. Walk, contemplate, relax, breathe, but most of all … just smile.

A slow motion ballet opens with a sequence of movements that will be reflected on the water, a vision that multiplies before the audience. The movement then embraces the rhythm of the city with swirling, elegant choreography. The show metamorphoses with many captivating colours, combinations and vibrations.

Nicolas Gautier

Gautier distinguishes himself with high technical skills and lighting expertise, while developing sensitivity to urban space and its transformation. He highlights ordinary landscapes into something out of the ordinary. The artist utilizes high-end technology lighting and luminescent material to create abstract landscapes that are influenced by both accidental and incidental light.