08. Festival Parade

Three Elephants Pass by...

World renowned artists, Oposito abandoned traditional theatre twenty years ago in support of their belief that a street show is the modern artistic language. They have taken their work all over the world and performed on land and sea. Oposito provokes encounters by mixing people and genres, telling new stories and forcing an evolution of artistic norms.


The audience has an appointment at a specific place and time in the city. Spectators hear three explosions. A truck drives towards the audience and stops. A fantastical array of what appear to be old-fashioned dolls, puppets and toy soldiers come out of the truck.


Actors, musicians and their mechanical animals parade along the waterfront towards the amphitheatre. The parade is one of the shows most adapted to the public space. Successive appearances and rhythms move the parade forward, taking the audience by surprise and making them part of the show.

The huge puppet elephants, with their carnival, move among and ahead of the parade composed of forgotten toys and broken playthings.


The parade drifts away behind a wall of fire.

This parade will take place every night (except 2nd Feb, the opening show) at the Sharjah Corniche from 8:58 pm. For the opening show on the 2nd ‘The Elephants Parade’ will be at University City Hall.

The Parade will start every day at 8.58pm on Khaleed Lagoon Corniche and arrive to Al Majaz Amphiteatre around 9.45pm.

The Buhairah Corniche road between Al Majaz Waterfront and Al Majaz Amphitheatre will be closed for the Live Parade from 8:58pm until 9:45pm every evening, February 3 to 11.


The Company Oposito has been treading the roads around the globe for the last twenty years. From Noisy-le-Sec to Addis Ababa, in the streets, boulevards, squares, on water, on the sea and in lifts…

An artistic adventure is not measured in seasons or calendar years. It is a journey, measured over time, a long-term vision. The Oposito company is convinced that a street show is a modern artistic language with cosmopolitan roots drawing on theatre and its generosity, on the freedom of poetry and the energy of travelers. Oposito provokes new encounters, weaving new ties, mixing people and genres. They have invented and set up the necessary tools for the evolution and artistic movement to which they belong: street arts.