02. Dr Sultan Al Qasimi Centre for Gulf Studies


Dr Sultan Al Qasimi Centre for Gulf Studies is a perfect canvas for this year’s light festival. The building provides the audience with an opportunity to take part in an immersive, futuristic experience. This interactive show will allow you to participate in creating your own mapping through three stunning graphic worlds to change the building design as you wish.

The Sand personifies the tracks of humanity through the ages, its structure unpredictable and wild. Create your own mapping by drawing on the interaction zone, within the waves of sand invading the façade covering the building gradually with variations of textures and intensities.

The ‘Mosaic experience’ is an immersion through the different phases of creation. The user will enjoy a unique pattern defined by his weight differential with previous users so he can create and develop his own ‘personal mapping art’. Appearing slowly and mixing geometric forms, the user’s pattern will be lit from within by touches of colors and animations through the creation process.

The ‘Futuristic Organ’ set turns the user into the conductor of a huge futuristic music machine. Following the moves of the user, the façade will mix sound and light effects.


Tigrelab is a Spanish creative studio focused on storytelling and immersive design through media and technology. Directed by Javier Pinto, Mathieu Felix and Federico Gonzalez, this multidisciplinary boutique has longstanding experience in 2D and 3D animation, Motion Graphics and Video Mapping.

The trio’s particular passion is producing interactive experiences where graphic design and film are integrated within rules-based, generative environments or Interactive Video Mapping.