03. Al Qasba – Internal Facades

Visionary Sharjah
Les Allumeurs de Rêves

A dynamic space is provided by the long, elegant run of buildings either side of the central waterway at Al Qasba. Images are diffused against this elongated series of canvases. The show is time travel at the speed of light, from ancestral past to the future of Sharjah.

This area is popular with families and the artist has reflected this in a subtle piece of work, as it must simultaneously spotlight each of its spaces and entertain a young audience. The two façades allow for the development of the spatial issue of mirrors and reflection, bringing forward the themes of images and illusions. The artist creates fantastical artworks of landscapes using the architecture of Al Qasba and bringing together all the iconic elements of Sharjah.


Les Allumeurs de Rêves

The French artist Gilbert Coudène makes the scenario, creations and artistic directions of the Dream Lighter’s shows. Over the past three decades, he has installed more than 650 monumental murals in all corners of the world.

In 2011, the world’s first school for large-scale paintings and lighting was opened under the expertise and direction of Gilbert Coudène.

The design, the innovative animated drawings and the illuminated colors are the basis of Coudène’s creations and BK Art digital company, which has been awarded numerous trophies.Coudène’s shows have been admired by millions of spectators in the city centre ofLyon, at the Villa Medicis in Rome, on the 22 000 m2 of the Bucarest parliament façade.