Sharjah Light Festival

About The Festival

For the tenth consecutive year, the Sharjah Light Festival will illuminate the Emirate from February 05 – 15. The world’s most acclaimed light festival combines local talent and internationally renowned artists.

The yearly festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to be astonished by the spe­cially composed music, artistic ingenuity and technical skills of the masters who curate the stunning illuminations onto the beautiful architecture of Sharjah. The Sharjah Light festival takes visitors on a tour of cultural heights, fusing all the components of beauty, art, culture, education, innovation and higher thinking into one glorious event.

Eye-opening displays of colour, images and lights are inspired by a variety of subjects such as beauty, science, creativity and knowledge. Sharjah Light Festival is a highly anticipated event as each year it takes the advancements of technology and transforms them with an elegant touch into something awe-inspiring. Rich programmes, grouped into clusters based on up to 20 locations with new highlights every year showcase the architectural splendour of Sharjah and the beauty of its buildings.

Utilising creative and innovative light technology and specifically curated music, the architectural landmarks of the emirate, such as Al Noor mosque, Al Hisn Fort, Sharjah University City Campus as well as others can literally be seen in a new light. Many of the designs are poetic and inspired by local culture, stories and traditions or incorporate nature and space, some are based on more modern art and design, all are beautiful and though provoking. The Sharjah Light Festival extends to the east coast towns of Dibba, Khorfakkan and Kalba.  2019 saw well known artists and curators such as Larent Langlois and Cindy Lo as well as companies; Studio Halpeji and Group F take the buildings of the emirate and interpret them anew for the festival.  Sharjah Light Festival 2020 is the next highly anticipated edition, from 5 to 15 February.